Department of Neurology

September 6, 2022

She once thought becoming a doc wasn’t possible

Dr. Jamie Wright, diagnosed with hydrocephalus as an infant, begins her second year as a UW Medicine neurology resident.

Jamie Wright assisting hydrocephalus surgery with Drs. Morris and Sandberg in Haiti 2015

“I think she’s a good addition to the program,” said Dr. Michael A. Williams, director of the UW Medicine Adult and Transitional Hydrocephalus Clinic and professor of neurology and neurological surgery at the UW School of Medicine.  “She’s got an M.D./Ph.D, something not a lot of young people with hydrocephalus have been able to do.”

Wright is now beginning the second year of the intensive four-year training program. Asked how unusual it is for someone with hydrocephalus to be training as a neurology resident, Williams said: “I don’t know of anyone else. I know of some patients in other professions such as the law, but I don’t know of anyone in a neurology residency.” 

Her decision to pursue medicine as a career was in some ways a surprise even to her. 

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