Department of Neurology

Neurology 668

Northwest Hospital

1536 N 115th Street, Suite 330
Seattle, WA 98133
Site Director: Marc Kirschner, MD

Office Contact: Debbie Scharnikow
Phone: 206-365-0111

Pre-arrival Paperwork

Complete and send the following information to the medical staff coordinator NO LATER than 3 weeks before your rotation begins.

  1. Physician in training application
  2. Influenza vaccination form
  3. Confidentiality Agreement
  4. Letter of Good Standing (LOGS):  Required for this site.  Please go to your E*Value profile and download the LOGS to send.  Instructions if needed.

Dawna Williams   |  Medical Staff Specialist
Northwest Hospital & Medical CenterMedical Staff Services
1550 N 115th St
MailStop  D-149
Seattle, WA  98133
PH 206.668-1812 /  FAX 206.668-1817
dawnaw@uw.eduDirections to office

Student Information

Clerkship orientation: You will receive an email directing you to watch an orientation video online and you will have computer training at Northwest the first day of your clerkship as scheduled by the medical staff coordinator. 

After orientation: Report to: Debbie at NW Hospital.

Equipment to bring: White coat and name tag, reflex hammer, tuning fork (128Hz), stethoscope, (Ophthalmoscope recommended).

Driving & parking: Minimal street parking is available. Hospital parking is approximately $7/day or $50/month.  Form below. The neurology clinic is in the 3 floor of the McMurray building.

Parking form
Map of campus

Site Expectations

General: Students will be dividing their time between the inpatient and outpatient Neurology services.  Half of the day will be outpatient, while the other half will be inpatient. The attending on service will let you know which half of the day will be allotted for each. Friday’s will be a full inpatient day, since the outpatient clinic is closed on Friday’s. Debbie is the office manager and a good resource.

Wear your badge at all times. 

The dress code for the site is professional; white coats should be worn; ties are optional for men.

Faculty: During the 4-weeks you will interact with several of the faculty.

Marc Kirschner, MD, Site Director
James Gordon, MD
Elena Robinson, MD
Jai Hira, MD 
Somayyeh Sabet, MD 

Clinical Experience

Inpatient experience:  During your inpatient time, you will have hands-on clinical experience and also are expected to follow your patients on service. The inpatient neurology team sees a wide range of acute neurologic disorders. There is a neurohospitalist that covers the service weekly, and you will be working with each neurohospitalist closely. Students are expected to see 2-5 inpatients per week on average. The student is expected to follow their assigned patient from time of consultation until discharge or the resolution of the consult issue. A reasonable guideline is to follow 1-3 patients at any time. There are no weekend or night call responsibilities.

Clinic experience:  During your outpatient time, you will be shadowing the neurologists in the private practice clinic. Each day, you will have the opportunity to shadow a different neurologist in clinic. This experience is valuable for understanding what types of neurologic problems are seen on an outpatient basis. You may have the opportunity to see EMG/NCS performed and also some EEG’s read by the outpatient physicians. It would benefit you to pay attention to how each different neurologist has their unique ability to ascertain the localization and diagnosis of each neurologic problem.