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  • Implicit Association Test
    Developed by psychologists at Project Implicit®, the Implicit Association Test (IAT) is a free online test that measures users’ strength of subconscious associations between certain concepts (e.g., black people, gay people) and evaluations (e.g., good, bad) or stereotypes (e.g., athletic, clumsy) for the user.
  • Understanding Implicit Bias
    A 4-module-implicit bias training series. The program is go-at-your-own-pace and easy to follow, with recaps and concise take-home messages.




  • Robert Fullilove: Public Health Racism
    Axios interview with Professor Robert Fullilove, who explains that racial disparities are baked into multiple aspects of American society and disparities in healthcare are only one symptom of this larger problem.
  • P&G Series (2 videos):
    The Talk
    The Look
    P&G created a series of thought-provoking films on bias and racism as an invitation to the often-silent majority to become allies, advocates and activists to end racial inequality.

Internal Resources

  • The Impact of the Pandemic and the “Racial Reckoning” on Health Outcomes and American Democracy – In this panel discussion, three of the editors/contributors (Merritt, Williams, Tsai) to the anthology, Afterlife: A Collective History of Loss and redemption in Pandemic America, joined Minnesota Community Care executive officer, Rueben Moore, to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how Americans have dealt with grief and loss, both individually and communally, and how we endure and thrive.