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Please find information about our MS Center Education Series and other useful information below. If you are looking for information about our clinic, please visit the MS Center Clinic website.

2023 MS Center Monthly Patient Program

MS Workbook

The MS Workbook is a comprehensive guide to help you manage fatigue and weakness, cope with pain, get the most out of your health care system, combat anxiety and depression, optimize your activity level, create a career and financial plan, maintain intimacy with your partner, and gain support from family, friends, and your community. It is available as a FREE resource online at:

Participate in UW Medicine's Multiple Sclerosis Research (Voluntary)

Did you know that UW researchers, including many of your providers, have been among the nation’s leaders in MS research for over 40 years? 

The MS Center has a very active research program covering a wide variety of topics, ranging from learning about quality of life, symptoms, and experiences; to developing and testing approaches (medical and nonpharmacologic) for improving symptom management and patient well-being; to participating in large pharmaceutical trials.

We are currently recruiting for participants on the following topics:

– New diagnosis
– Exercise
– Cognition
– Fatigue
– Pain
– Falls
– Aging with physical disabilities
– Medication/drug trials

If you are interested in any of these topics, please ask to speak to a member of our research team today or call the clinic at 206-598-3344 to speak to the research staff by phone!

Multiple Sclerosis Action Plan