Department of Neurology

Davis Laboratory

The Davis Lab is focused on understanding mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other neurodegenerative diseases through the use of Drosophila and human neuronal cell culture models, combined with human genetic and clinical data.  In collaboration with the Pacific Northwest Udall Center and Parkinson’s Genetic Research Study, we have found that GBA variants not only increase the risk of developing PD but also accelerate motor and cognitive decline in PD patients. We are currently investigating the mechanisms underlying this faster disease progression, and hypothesize that GBA variants alter lipid metabolism, leading to alterations in endocytic trafficking, autophagy, and cell-to-cell propagation of pathogenic protein aggregation via extracellular vesicles. To test this hypothesis, we are using a GBA deficient Drosophila model that manifests neurodegeneration, motor and cognitive dysfunction, and accelerated protein aggregation. We are also using iPSC-derived human neurons from a PD patient heterozygous for a null GBA mutation. We hope to validate our findings from our in vitro and Drosophila models in longitudinal PD cohorts, and explore potential new therapeutic targets.

Lab Members

Marie Davis, MD, PhD
Primary Investigator
Assistant Professor of Neurology
VA Puget Sound Healthcare System
UW Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

I enjoy drinking coffee, cooking up lots of food and sometimes baking wedding cakes, climbing, and hopefully getting back to camping, hiking, biking and running now that my kids are getting a little older!

Selina Yu, BS
Lab manager and technician

Avid knitter and lover of all fiber arts. Photography enthusiast, travel dreamer, and movie fanatic.

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Bernice Lin, BS
Lab Technician

I am working on developing a human neuronal model of GBA-associated Parkinson’s Disease using induced pluripotent stem cells. Outside of lab, I enjoy practicing kendo, bouldering, snowboarding and skiing, playing video games, partying with my cats, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Emma Thuline
Undergraduate Researcher

Kim Kramers
Undergraduate Researcher

Outside of the lab I enjoy being out in nature, I’m an avid backpacker, runner, and snowboarder. During the school year you can also generally catch me at a local coffee shop studying and listening to music


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