Department of Neurology

Selected Publications

R.D. Lee, Y. Chen, H.M. Nguyen, L. Singh, B.R. Pyles, Y. Cui, J.R. Weinstein and H. Wulff.  Repurposing the KCa3.1 blocker senicapoc for ischemic stroke. Translational Stroke Research (2023); PMID 37088858, doi: 10.1007/s12975-023-01152-6. 

M.A. Hamner*, A. McDonough*, D.C. Gong, L.J. Todd, G. Rojas, S. Hodecker, C. B. Ransom, T.A. Reh, B.R. Ransom and J. R. Weinstein.  CSF1R Antagonism Abolishes Ischemic Preconditioning in White Matter.  Glia (2022): 70(4): 661-674.  PMID 34939240;  DOI: 10.1002/glia.24132

K.E. Prater, M.S. Aloi, J.L. Pathan, C.N. Winston, R.A. Chernoff, S. Davidson, M. Sadgrove, A. McDonough, D. Zierath, W. Su, J.R. Weinstein and G.A. Garden. A Subpopulation of Microglia Generated in the Adult Mouse Brain Originates from Prominin-1-Expressing Progenitors.  Journal of Neuroscience (2021), 41(38): 7942-53. PMID 34380760.  DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1893-20.2021

A. McDonough & J. R. Weinstein. Role of Microglia in Ischemic Preconditioning. Glia (2020), 68(3): 455 471, PMID 31386233.  DOI:  10.1002/glia.23695

McDonough, S. Noor, R.V. Lee, R. Dodge III, J.S. Strosnider, J. Shen, S. Davidson, T. T. Möller, G.A. Garden and J. R. Weinstein. Ischemic Preconditioning Induces Cortical Microglial Proliferation and a Transcriptomic Program of Robust Cell Cycle Activation. Glia (2020), 68(1): 76-94, PMID: 31420975.  DOI:  10.1002/glia.23701

McDonough, R.V. Lee, S. Noor, C. Lee, T. Le, M. Iorga, J.L.H. Phillips, S. Murphy, T. Möller and J.R. Weinstein. Ischemia/Reperfusion Induces Interferon Stimulated Gene Expression in Microglia. Journal of Neuroscience (2017), 37(34): 8292-8308, PMID 28747383.

A. McDonough, R.V. Lee and J.R. Weinstein. Microglial Interferon Signaling and White Matter. Neurochemical Research, (2017), 42(9), 2625-38, PMID 28540600

R.G.W. Staal, J.R. Weinstein, M. Nattini, M. Cajina, G. Chandresana and T. Möller. Senicapoc: Repurposing a drug to target microglia KCa3.1 in stroke. Neurochemical Research, (2017), 42: 2639-45

A. McDonough and J.R. Weinstein. Neuroimmune Response in Ischemic Preconditioning. Neurotherapeutics, (2016), 13(4): 748-761. PMID: 27525700

M.A. Hamner, Z. Ye, R.V. Lee, J.R. Colman, T. Le, D.C. Gong, B.R. Ransom and J. R. Weinstein. Ischemic Preconditioning in White Matter: Magnitude and Mechanism. Journal of Neuroscience (2015) 25:35 (47): 15599-611. PMID: 26609155

J.R. Weinstein*, Y. Quan*, J.F. Hanson, L. Colonna, M. Iorga, S. Honda, K. Shibuya, A. Shibuya, K.B. Elkon and T. Möller. IgM-Dependent Phagocytosis in Microglia is Mediated by Complement Receptor 3, not Fc/ Receptor. Journal of Immunology (2015), 1:195(11): 5309-17. PMID: 26500348; *equal contribution

K.J. Becker, R.V. Lee, J. Schulze, D. Zierath, P. Tanzi, K. Cain, A. Dressel, D. Shibata, and J.R. Weinstein. Post-Stroke Fatigue: Hints to a Biological Mechanism. Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases (2015), 24(3): 618. PMID: 25542762.

W. Su, S. Hopkins, N.K. Nesser, B. Sopher, A. Silvestroni , S. Ammanuel, S. Jayadev, T. Möller, J.R. Weinstein and G.A. Garden. The p53 transcription factor modulates microglia behavior through microRNA-dependent regulation of c-Maf. Journal of Immunology (2014) 192(1): 358-66. PMID: 24319262. PMCID: PMC4195583.

J.R. Weinstein, J. Schulze, R.V. Lee, P. Tanzi, D. Zierath, K. Cain, P. Mitchell, R. Cohen and K.J. Becker. Functional Polymorphisms in Toll-like Receptor 4 are Associated with Worse Outcome in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients. NeuroReport (2014) 28; 25(8): 580-4. PMID: 24784586. PMCID: PMC4009512.

K.J. Becker, D. Dankwa, R.V. Lee, J. Schulze, D. Zierath, P. Tanzi, K. Cain, A. Dressel, D. Shibata, and J.R. Weinstein. Stroke, IL-1ra, IL1RN, Infection and Outcome. Neurocritical Care (2013), 21(1): 140-6. PMID: 24233813. PMCID: PMC4161032.

J.R. Weinstein, I.P. Koerner and T.Möller. Microglia in Cerebral Ischemia. Future Neurology, (2010), 5(2): 227-246. PMID: 20401171. PMCID: PMC2853969.

Y. Quan, T. Möller and J.R. Weinstein. Regulation of Fcgamma Receptors and Immunoglobulin G-mediated Phagocytosis in Mouse Microglia. Neuroscience Letters (2009), 16:464(1):29-33. PMID: 19679164; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2747046.

C.J. Creutzfeldt*, J.R. Weinstein*, K.J. Becker, W.T. Longstreth, T.O. McPharlin and D.L.Tirschwell. Prior Antiplatelet Therapy, Platelet Infusion Therapy, and Outcome after Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases (2009), 18(3): 221-228. PMID: 19426894. PMCID: PMC2830090. *equal contribution

J.R. Weinstein, M. Zhang, M. Kutlubaev, R. Lee, C. Bishop, H. Andersen, U. Hanisch and T. Möller. Thrombin-induced regulation of CD95 (Fas) expression in the N9 microglial cell line: Evidence for involvement of proteinase-activated receptor1 and extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2. Neurochemical Research (2009), 34:445-452. PMID: 18686031.

J.R. Weinstein, Sarah Swarts, Caroline Bishop, Uwe-Karsten Hanisch and Thomas Möller. Lipopolysaccharide is a frequent and significant contaminant in microglia-activating factors. Glia (2008), 56:16-26. PMID: 17910052. PMCID: PMC2926344.

J.R. Weinstein, S. Hong, J.D. Kulman, C. Bishop, J. Kuniyoshi, H. Andersen, B.R. Ransom, U. Hanisch and T. Möller. Unraveling Thrombin’s true microglia-activating potential: Markedly disparate profiles of pharmaceutical-grade and Commercial-grade thrombin preparations. Journal of Neurochemistry (2005), 95: 1177-87. PMID: 16271051.

S. Balcaitis, J.R. Weinstein, S. Li, J. Chamberlain and T. Möller. Expression of proteolytically activated receptors in mouse microglial cells. Glia (2005), 50: 48-55. PMID: 15625717.

J.R. Weinstein, A.L. Lau, L.F. Brass and D.D. Cunningham. Injury related factors and conditions down-regulate the thrombin receptor (PAR-1) in a human neuronal cell line. Journal of Neurochemistry (1998), 71(3): 1034-1050. PMID: 9721728.

J.R. Weinstein, S.J. Gold, D.D. Cunningham and C.M. Gall. Cellular localization of thrombin receptor mRNA in rat brain: expression by mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons and co-distribution with prothrombin mRNA. Journal of Neuroscience (1995), 15(4): 2906-2919. PMID: 7722637.

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