Department of Neurology


In the following cases, common and rare diseases are represented with emphasis on localization and critical thinking. Each student is to work on them alone before class and hand in an answer. During class, an approach to the case and answer will be given.

Six cases from a larger pool will be used each 4 weeks. Reasonable answers to 5 of the 6 are needed to pass. Grades are Pass/Fail. Students are not limited to working through only six cases. Rather, students are encouraged to work through as many of the cases as they want, submit them online to the Clerkship Director, and feedback will be given.

The answers should include level of localization and why you think the Hx, PE and testing match a diagnosis or short differential.  Remember that your differential should include only diseases that are relevant for the level of localization.  For example, if you localize the problem to muscle, don’t list multiple sclerosis (CNS disease) in the differential.  In no more than 1-2 sentences, list the next steps such as more testing or treatment.  I do not need to see all the information you learned about a particular disease or cut-paste from an online source.

One final thought. Work through the cases as you would in real life. Tests cost money and can have negative consequences. Although the computer won’t limit you, don’t just click on every level and all tests. Try to be practical and cost conscious.

Trouble shooting if the cases are blacked out from the start.  This problem does come up for a small number of students.
Ideas in order of most likely to help:
—Go to the case page —> right click on the case and open link in new window or tab.
—Some combination of computer and navigator, so switch those things up.  Firefox is good.
—You can try lowering the security for the case.
—Accept pop-ups.
—Try on a work computer.

Trouble shooting if you submit an answer and the page turns black or there is no confirmation phrase.  This means that the answer did not submit.  We are working on a fix.  Please email the answers to Dr. Kraus directly at