Department of Neurology

Course Evaluation

Each student is required to complete two evaluations online. One for the clerkship and one for the preceptor(s) (faculty, residents, etc.). Although we will know if you have completed a form, your name will not be associated with any individual data or comments you have contributed. Your comments will be reviewed in detail and become part of that preceptor’s personal record. Please fill out the forms responsibly. The comments will be made available to the preceptor just as their comments will be made available to you. If there is some concern that you do not feel comfortable putting down on paper or electronically, please contact the clerkship director by phone. If the concerns involve the clerkship director, please contact the co-director. Be assured that your evaluation of the preceptor will not be made available until after your grade is finalized.

Course evaluations are required before a grade will be given. This is another example of professionalism.

Instructions for completing your evaluations will be sent through E*Value.