Department of Neurology

Neurology 673

Valley Medical Center

Neuroscience Institute
Valley Professional Center Building
3915 Talbot Rd S, Ste 206
Renton, WA 98055
Ph 425-656-5566

Site Director: David Vossler, MD

Clinic Manager:  Stacy Simpson
Ph 425-228-3440 x3939
Fax 425-656-5567


At least 4 weeks prior to the start of your clerkship, please send the following information to Stacy Simpson so that she can set you up for computer access and badging.

Please also print these 2 forms and fax them to Stacy Simpson:

Orienation, First Day & What To Bring

Clerkship orientation: Orientation is at the UW at 8:00AM on the first day of your clerkship. The room number is on the Didactics page. Room information may change at the end of each rotation, so be sure to check the table the weekend before you begin.

After orientation: Report to Neuroscience Institute at Valley Medical Center.  Campus map.  Check in with Stacy Simpson.  

Equipment to bring: White coat and name tag, reflex hammer, tuning fork (128Hz), stethoscope, (Ophthalmoscope recommended).

Site Expectations

General:  Students are expected to spend four and one-half days per week at UW Medicine | Valley Medical Center.   One-half day is reserved for didactics at UW.

The best place to park is main parking lot in front of the Valley Professional Center Building, 3915 Talbot Road South, Renton, WA 98055.

The dress code for the site is professional wearing white coat with nametag.

Faculty: During the 4-weeks we hope you have exposure to the entire faculty in our neurology practice.

Name Subspecialty
David Vossler, MD, FAAN Epilepsy, EEG & Clinical Neurophysiology
Yahua Yu, MD General Neurology, Neuromuscular, EMG
Mark Piker, MD Headache, Multiple Sclerosis
Don Thai, MD Neuro-hospitalist
Kevin Joseph, DO Child Neurology, Epilepsy, Sleep Medicine
Baburaj Thankappan, MD General Neurology, Epilepsy, EEG & Clinical Neurophysiology
Sophia Cheng, MD, PhD General Neurology, Neuromuscular, EMG
Michael Previti, MD  Neuro-hospitalist, Stroke
Judy Li, DO Child Neurology
Krista Kawaguchi, MD General neurology, Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology
Jennie Davis, DO Movement Disorders

Dr. Vossler is the clerkship site director.  He will observe the student’s performance of the neurological examination within the first two weeks of the rotation, and provide feedback.  Hopefully, this will happen in the last 2 weeks, as well, to ensure mastery of the neurological examination.  The clinical mini-CEX can be performed with Dr. Vossler or any of the clinic preceptors.  Harborview Medical Center teleconferences and Epilepsy Multidisciplinary Team Conferences occur on Wednesday noon – 1 PM and should be attended by the student.  Stacy Simpson is the clinic manager who has control of the schedules and is a good resource.  Please tell the site director if you have any specific goals for the month so that your experience is optimized.

Inpatient experience: Our neurology team has a busy consultative inpatient service.  Students are expected to see 2-5 inpatients per week on average. The student is expected to follow their assigned patient from time of consultation until discharge or the resolution of the consult issue, write daily progress notes, and be involved in ordering medication, laboratory and diagnostic testing orders for the assigned patients.  A reasonable guideline is to follow 1-3 patients at any time.  There are no weekend or night call responsibilities.

Clinic experience: A combination of three different learning models will be employed in clinic.  In the autonomous model, the student sees the patient first and then presents to the preceptor.  In the shadow model, the student will follow the preceptor and observe different patient interaction styles.  The final model allows the student to evaluate the patient, but in the presence of the preceptor, which definitely provides the opportunity for the most thorough feedback.  Each has its strengths and weaknesses.  Other opportunities include observing / reading EMGs, EEGs, evoked potentials, lumbar punctures, imaging procedures, etc.  Experience with a neurosurgeon or neuropsychologist can be arranged during the month.  Clinic typically runs from 8AM to 5 PM. There are no weekend or night clinic responsibilities.

Except for the faculty call schedule and vacations, your weekly schedule will look similar to this.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM  Inpatient 8-10
 Outpatient 10-12
 Inpatient 8-10
 Outpatient 10-12
 Inpatient 8-10
 Outpatient 10-12
 Inpatient 8-10
 Outpatient 10-12
 Inpatient 8-10
 Outpatient 10-12
PM  Outpatient  Outpatient  Outpatient  UWMC Didactics  Outpatient