Department of Neurology

Distance Learning

Required adult neurology clerkship students placed outside of the Seattle area will need to watch the orientation video and weekly case lectures. Look for the orange instructions for away students on individual pages throughout this website. If you have questions about the orientation or the course, please contact the clerkship director.  Here is also a handy printable requirements checklist to keep you on target.

Week Day Topic
Week 1

(If the first Monday is a University sanctioned holiday, please check with the clerkship director and clerkship site about the start date.  The policy is that students should follow the holiday schedule of the site they are at rather than the UW campus holiday schedule.)

View Clerkship Orientation Video
Weeks 1, 2, 3
Thursday, 1PM

Two online case-based problems will be assigned each week. Submit answers via the case answer page to Dr. Kraus by Thursday at 1PM Pacific Time.  If you have any difficulty submitting an answer, please see the cases page for trouble shooting suggestions. 

Please note that these case numbers are different than those assigned to Seattle-based students. Weekly case lectures and answers will be available via the links below on Thursdays after 1PM. Once available, lectures will remain available through the end of the course.

Week 1: Cases 7 and 24 – Access cases | View answers & lectures
Week 2: Cases 13(a & b) and 15 – Access cases | View answers & lectures
Week 3: Cases 1 and 3 – Access cases | View answers & lectures

Week 4 Thursday Final Exam – See your individual site page for information.  The scheduling/notification process runs through UW Testing Services and the contact email is

Email your topic presentation to Dr. Kraus by the end of the clerkship (PowerPoint, PDF or Word format). See the Presentations page for further information. Arrange time in the last week to present your topic to the site preceptor(s).

Clinical and bioethical CEXs are due.