Department of Neurology

Pediatric Neurology

Neurology 687

4800 Sand Point Way NE, PO Box 5371
Seattle, WA 98105
Site Director: Jim Owens, MD
Phone: 206-987-2464



Prior to arriving for your clerkship: Contact Sara Fear at 206-987-2008 or at least FOUR WEEKS PRIOR to beginning at Children’s. She will need to set you up for mandatory web-based Computerized Patient Order Entry System (CPOE) training, which must be completed prior to your arrival on the first day.

First day: Ms. Fear will give you instructions on where to report on the first day for the sign in and badge processing. In addition to completing the CPOE training, all students rotating at CHRMC are required to complete a confidentiality statement, House Staff sign-in form, CIS form and an authorization form for a Children’s ID badge and parking assignment. You will also be directed to the parking and badge office after you check in, and you will need your car make and license number. On your first day, you may park on campus and the parking and badge office will instruct you where to park off campus and about the shuttle service from the offsite parking. Medical students are not allowed to park on campus beyond the first day of the rotation.

After computer training, sign-in and badge processing, report to B-5532 on the 5th floor. Contact the chief resident when you arrive. The clerkship coordinator will email you residents’ names and pager numbers.

Equipment to bring: White coat and name tag, reflex hammer, tuning fork (128Hz), stethoscope, (Ophthalmoscope recommended).


This section outlines the similarities and differences between the adult neurology clerkship and pediatrics. For information that is available on this web site, we will refer you to the corresponding tab on the left-hand side of the page. For information specific to pediatrics, you will learn about the requirements on your first day at the site.

Goals and objectives: See corresponding tab.

Absentee policy: See corresponding tab.

Didactics: Orientation and most didactics will be accomplished at Children’s Hospital. You are encouraged to participate in the weekly adult didactic sessions which take place at UW from 1-4PM each Thursday. See the Didactics page for room numbers. Pediatric neurology students are not required to complete the class work assigned to adult neurology students, but because you will be attending the same didactics it will be helpful for you to become familiar with the cases that will be discussed each week. You are welcome to do a write-up if you wish, but it is not required. Two cases are assigned each week. The clerkship coordinator will email you the list of assigned cases. Please see the Cases page for further information and to access the cases for review.

Presentations: A topic presentation will be assigned at Children’s Hospital. Case presentations at UW Thursday didactics are not required.

Grand rounds: See corresponding tab.

Independent study: Book recommendations at site.

Mini-CEX: No requirement.

Patient log: No requirement.

Pocket syllabus: None

Student evaluation: UWSOM Evaluation of Performance

Course evaluations: E*Value

Final exam: No requirement.

Grading policy: The UWSOM Evaluation of Performance will be used for grading.  Ten categories will be added and divided by 10.  Scores will translate to:
4.5 – 5  HONORS
4 – 4.49  HP
2 – 3.99  PASS
Below 1.99  FAIL

Contact information: See above