Department of Neurology

July 18, 2022

HMC Pilot Project Award

Drs. Sarah Wahlster and Claire Creutzfeldt were awarded the 2022 HMC Pilot Project Award for their project titled:Long-Term Trajectories Following Severe Acute Brain Injury Requiring Mechanical Ventilation: A Mixed-methods Study to Assess Outcomes of Patients and Their Surrogate Decision-Makers

This will be multidisciplinary project in collaboration with faculty from Palliative Care, Rehab Medicine, Neurosurgery, Pulmonary & Anesthesia Critical Care Medicine.  The goal to examine long-term neurological outcomes of patients and mental health outcomes of their surrogate decision makers 12-18 months after severe acute brain injury, and  to 1) explore how communication by the ICU team impacted critical decisions and understanding of prognosis, 2) identify key challenges in the post-ICU recovery process, and 3) assess how socioeconomic status, financial concerns, and access to healthcare impacted outcomes.

Dr. Sarah Wahlster
Dr. Claire Creutzfeldt