Department of Neurology

June 15, 2022

3 Things Our Headache Experts Want You to Know

Highlights | Improving primary care access to headache treatment

  • One of every six people in the U.S. have headaches every year.
  • Migraines are ranked as the second cause of disability by the World Health Organization.
  • Taking acute pain medication for frequent headaches can cause daily rebound headaches.
  • Instead, try adding preventive treatment options, lifestyle changes and neuromodulation devices.
  • UW Medicine providers can use eConsults with the Headache Clinic at UW Medical Center – Roosevelt for earlier access to expert advice.

Headaches, especially migraine-type headaches, are common. There are more than 150 headache diagnoses, from tension-type headaches to migraine-type headaches to rare diagnoses such as cluster and hypnic headaches. In the U.S., 45 million people (roughly one in six) have headaches every year, and 8 million of these individuals end up in their doctor’s office looking for help.   

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