Department of Neurology

June 14, 2022

Department of Neurology 9th Annual Trainee Research Poster Symposium

Thursday, June 16th 2:00pm-4:30pm

Location: HUB 145

Prizes will be awarded for the best poster in each category: human subjects/clinical research and basic science/pre-clinical research

Neurology Day

9th Annual Trainee Research Poster Symposium

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Basic Science Presenters, Titles and Authors

Ashley McDonough 

CSF1R antagonism abolishes ischemic preconditioning mediated protection in white matter

Authors: Ashley McDonough, Margaret A Hamner, Davin C Gong, Sibylle Hodecker, Levi J Todd, German Rojas, Cara Nielson, Christopher B Ransom, Thomas A Reh, Bruce R Ransom, Jonathan R Weinstein

Amy Guo        

Effects of Microglial Depletion on Nodes of Ranvier Length in Ischemic Preconditioned White Matter    

Authors: Amy Guo; Cara Nielson; Haneul Ryou; Jonathan R. Weinstein, MD PhD; Ashley McDonough, PhD

Nicholas Ekstrom     

Progressive Dysregulation of Tau in Animal Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy            

Authors: Nicholas Ekstrom, Francis Concepcion, Marium Khan, Oron Estes, Nicholas Poolos

Ryan O’Boyle

Chronic Dysfunction of Extrasynaptic GABAA Receptors in Mediodorsal Thalamus after Traumatic Brain Injury

Authors: O’Boyle RP, Li N, Albrecht J, Nolan AL, Ransom C

Taylor Pedersen        

Impact of chronic sleep disruption on cognitive performance, glymphatic function, and neuropathology in the 5xFAD mouse model            

Authors:  Taylor Pedersen, Samantha A. Keil, Sanjana Agarwal, Mohammad Badran, David Gozal, Jeffrey Iliff

Allison Hanaford      

Leukocytes mediate disease pathogenesis in the Ndufs4(KO) mouse model of Leigh syndrome

Authors: Allison R Hanaford, Julia C Stokes, Rebecca L  Bornstein, Katerina James, Kyung Yeon Park, Kira A Spencer, Katie Vo, John C Snell, Brittany M Johnson,  Philip G Morgan, Margaret M Sedensky, Nathan A Baertsch, Simon C Johnson1

Elizabeth Gino            

The role of perivascular aquaporin-4 localization in post-traumatic neurodegeneration

Authors: Elizabeth Gino, Molly Braun, Mathew Sevao, Sam Keil, Sanjana Agarwal, Taylor Pederson, Ron Vered, Jeffrey Iliff

Amy E. Spens

Human DUX4 and mouse Dux interact with STAT1 and broadly inhibit interferon-stimulated gene induction

Authors: Amy E. Spens, Nicholas A. Sutliff, Sean R. Bennett, Amy E. Campbell, Stephen J. Tapscott

Mathew Sevao            

Altered aquaporin-4 expression and delayed glymphatic impairment following blast injury

Authors: Mathew Sevao, Molly Braun, Elizabeth Gino, Sam Keil, Taylor Pederson, Sanjana Agarwal, Elaine Peskind, Harker Rhodes, Daniel Perl, David Cook, Abigail Schindler, Jeffrey Iliff

Lauren Kuo   

Cre-dependent oNLS Viral Vectors for Optimized Cell-Type Mapping in the Mouse Brain at Cellular Resolution

Authors: Lauren Kuo, Eric Szelenyi PhD

Roger Chang 

Characterizing Nociception Using a Dynamic, Scalable Zebrafish Model

Authors: Roger Chang, Kali Esancy, Cassidy Burke, Jonathan Weinstein, Ajay Dhaka, Garret Stuber

Clinical Science Presenters, Titles and Authors

Trusha Shah 

Diversity of Grand Rounds Presentations at Large Academic Medical Centers

Authors: Trusha Shah, DO, Alec Gibson, MD, PhD, Jerome Graber, MD, MPH

Carolyn Black            

Handheld Ultrasound Evaluation of Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM)        

Authors: Carolyn Black, MD/PhD; Haibi (Daniel) Cai, MD; Leo Wang, MD/PhD

Serdar Kazanci          

Rapidly progressive, lethal microangiopathy, malignant Susac Syndrome?             

Authors:  Serdar Kazanci MD; Jonathan R. Weinstein MD, PHD; Arielle Davis MD; W.T. Longstreth MD, MPH; Desiree A. Marshall MD; Rebecca Yoda MD

Amy Steinberg           

Atrial Fibrillation, Age, and Ischemic Stroke Severity in a Nationally Representative Dataset

Authors: Amy Steinberg, Preethy Pankaj, Katelyn Marsden, Adam DeHavenon, Arielle Davis, Rizwan Kalani, WT Longstreth, David Tirschwell

Anthony Menghini   

Sarcopenia as measured by temporalis muscle width is a predictor of survival in primary CNS lymphoma

Authors: Anthony Menghini, MS; Alipi Bonm, MD, PhD; Jerome Graber, MD, MPH

Samantha Keil           

Longitudinal sleep instability contributes to cognitive decline: Findings from the Seattle Longitudinal Study  

Authors: Samantha A. Keil, Abigail G. Schindler, Marie Wang, Miranda Lim, Juan Piantino, Jon Elliott, Maddi Werhane, Ronald G. Thomas, Sherry Willis, and Jeffrey Iliff

Katelyn (Kit) Marsden         

A Quality Improvement Project Proposal for Standardizing Post Cardiac Arrest Neurological Evaluation and Prognostication at HMC     

Authors: K. Marsden, K. Sarhadi, S. Khot, D. Carlbom, S. Wahlster, N. Johnson and J. Town

Preethy Pankaj          

Moya Moya Disease and Stroke in Pregnancy    

Authors: Preethy Pankaj , Malveeka Sharma

Sarah Koch   

High C-Spine Radiculopathy as Presenting Symptom of Epidural Follicular Lymphoma       

Authors: Sarah Koch

Matthew Murphy     

When You Hear Zebra Hooves…Maybe Still Think Horses           

Authors: Matthew Murphy

Andre Cote     

Imaging utilization and population health outcomes in acute stroke        

Authors: Andre Cote MD MPH, Angela Hoang, MPH, Jeffry Katz, MD, Pina Sanelli, MD MPH FACR

Sung Ji            

COVID-19 and Sleep Disruption

Authors: Sung Ji, Payal Patel

Basic Science Schedule:

2pm Ashley McDonough
2:15pm Lauren Kuo
2:30pm Amy Guo
2:45pm Nicholas Ekstrom
3pm Ryan O’Boyle
3:15pm Amy E. Spens
3:30pm Mathew Sevao
3:45pm Elizabeth Gino
4:00pm Allison Hanaford
4:15pm Taylor Pedersen
4:30pm Roger Chang

Clinical Science Schedule:

2pm Trusha Shah
2:15pm Carolyn Black
2:30pm Serdar Kazanci
2:45pm Amy Steinberg
3pm Anthony Menghini
3:15pm Samantha Keil
3:30pm Katelyn (Kit) Marsden
3:45pm Preethy Pankaj
4:00pm Sarah Koch
4:15pm Matthew Murphy
4:30pm Andre Cote
4:45pm Sung Ji