Department of Neurology

June 25, 2021

8th Annual Trainee Research Poster Symposium Winners

The 8th Annual Trainee Research Poster symposium was another great success and exhibition of the important work our trainees are producing. All the participants did a wonderful job presenting the work they are contributing to our field. Four candidates stood out among their peers. On behalf of our esteemed Dr. Leslie-Mawzi, Dr. Patel, Dr. Chamberlain, and Dr. Illith, it is the pleasure of Neurology Day Committee to announce four winners of the resident poster award this year.

Clinical Sciences

First Prize: Jennifer Keene
Optimized Benzodiazepine Treatment of Status Epilepticus through Emergency Medical Team Training
Authors: Jennifer C. Keene MD MBA, Brandon Woods MD MS, Mark Wainwright MD PhD, Mary King MD, Lindsey A. Morgan MD

Second Prize: Rachael Schutz
Early Withdrawal Of Life Sustaining Treatment After Mechanical Thrombectomy: A Mixed-Methods Analysis
Authors: Amita Singh, Rachael Schutz, Amber Ruiz, William Lou, Claire J Creutzfeldt, and Sandeep Khot

Basic Sciences

First Prize: Katherine E. Prater
Microglia subtypes in Alzheimer’s Disease detected by isolation of PU.1 positive nuclei from post-mortem human brain
Authors: Katherine E. Prater, Kevin J. Green, Carole L. Smith, Ali Shojaie, Wei Sun, Laura Heath, Shannon Rose, C. Dirk Keene, Jessica E. Young, Benjamin Logsdon, Gwenn A. Garden, and Suman Jayadev

Second prize: Ashley McDonough
CSF1R antagonism abolishes ischemic preconditioning mediated protection in white matter
Authors: Ashley McDonough, Margaret A Hamner, Davin C Gong, Sibylle Hodecker, Levi J Todd, German Rojas, Cara Nielson, Christopher B Ransom, Thomas A Reh, Bruce R Ransom, Jonathan R Weinstein
Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who participated!