Department of Neurology


There are several different clerkships offered by the Department of Neurology. They are listed below. Required adult neurology clerkship students placed outside of the Seattle area will need to watch the orientation video in the Distance Learning section and look for the orange instructions on individual pages throughout this website.

Neurology is a wonderful field. The exam is involved and long, but can be very elegant and is often essential for a diagnosis. One of the main goals of this clerkship is to break down two stereotypes concerning the exam and lack of treatment options. We will provide you with a good foundation for further study and knowledge that can be applied to the general medicine patient. You will discover throughout your career how important a good base of neurology is.

In addition to the requirements described here, attitude, interest and effort are all essential for a good 4-week clerkship.

Students with any concerns should feel free to contact the clerkship or site directors. It is our sincere goal to make the neurology clerkship exciting, fun, educational, rigorous, and fair.  Another avenue for concerns about the learning environment is

Clerkships 630-680 designate the required adult neurology clerkship: Each site is designated by a different clerkship number. See Clerkship Sites for details. Most students will take this clerkship in the 4th year, but there is the opportunity to take the clerkship in your 3rd year during the 6-week elective block. If you choose to take it in the 3rd year, please make sure you have done one of the following: medicine, family medicine, surgery or pediatrics. For those of you thinking about neurology as a career or wishing to explore the possibility, the best time to take Neurology is late in the 3rd year or early in the 4th.

Clerkship 685 is the elective epilepsy and clinical EEG clerkship: This clerkship takes place at Harborview Medical Center. See Epilepsy and Clinical EEG for specifics.

Clerkship 687 is the elective pediatrics neurology clerkship: This clerkship takes place at Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center. See Pediatric Neurology for specifics.

Clerkships available for Visiting Students: NEURL 686 (adult neurology clerkship), NEURL 685 and NEURL 688. See the VISITING STUDENT page for more information.