Department of Neurology

After Residency

Most residents graduating from the program complete fellowships for further training. ACGME-accredited fellowships are available at the University of Washington in Epilepsy, Neurophysiology, Neuromuscular Medicine, Sleep Medicine, and Vascular Neurology. There are also fellowships available in Headache, Movement Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuro-critical Care, and Neuro-Oncology. In addition we have an active research training program. While some of our residents choose to stay at the University of Washington for fellowship, those who leave are competitive candidates in whatever field they pursue.

Examples of fellowships that our residents have done in the past few years:

Class of 2023

Roger Chang Epilepsy, Stanford
Victoria Chang Movement, UCSF
Farrah Khan Vascular, UW
Yeo Won Kim Headache, UW
George Plummer Epilepsy, MGH
Trusha Shah Neuro-Oncology, UW
Shannon Tierney Vascular, UW

Class of 2022

Andre Cote Vascular, UCLA
Serdar Kazanci Movement, Rush
Evan Luxenberg Multiple Sclerosis, UW
Katelyn Marsden Vascular, Mayo Clinic Arizona
Matthew Murphy Vascular, UW
Amy Steinberg Vascular, UW

Class of 2021

Sargon Bet Shlimon Multiple Sclerosis, UW
Agnelio Cardentey Vascular, UT San Antonio
Neurointerventional Radiology, Texas Stroke Institute
Patrick Crooks Neuro Critical Care, UW
Thuhien Nguyen Practice, Seattle
Neuro Critical Care, UW
Amber Ruiz Neuro Oncology, Stanford
Marissa Sakoda Neuromuscular, UW
Rachael Schutz Vascular, UW

Class of 2020

George Banks Neuromuscular, OHSU
Alipi Bonm Neuro-Oncology, UW
David Ivanick Neuromuscular, UW
William Lou Vascular, UW
Valerie Olson Movement, UW
Amita Singh Vascular, UW
Laudann Taravati Practice- Seattle, WA

Class of 2019

Raima Amin Movement, UW
Faiza Butt Movement, USCF
Ami Cuneo Headache, UW
Alexander Doud Epilepsy Research, SCH
Justin Granstein Neuro-Intensivist, Mt. Sinai
Wojciech Gryc Movement, UW
Chinwe Ibeh Cerebrovascular, Columbia
Lien Nguyen Practice- Seattle, WA

Class of 2018

Huan Li Practice- Kadlec, WA
Justin Low Neuro-Oncology, Duke
Anusha Mannava Headache, UW
Breana Taylor Vascular, UW
James Wang Vascular, UW
Yujie Wang Neuro-Immunology, Johns Hopkins
Jennifer Wax Headache Fellowship, UW

Class of 2017

Makeda Agonafer Practice- Valley Medical Center, WA
Haley Anderson Neurophysiology, UW
Matthew Preston Neuromuscular, UW
Kathryn Roberts Movement Disorders, UW
Jenny Siv Vascular, UW
Akanksha Sharma Neuro-Oncology, Mayo

Class of 2016

Ziad AlSoufi AlSukkary Practice- Evergreen Hospital, WA
Kevin Gobeske Neuro-critical Care, Mayo
Nick Freeburg Cerebrovascular, UW
Paul Johnson Cerebrovascular, UW
Anny Lin Movement Disorders, UW
Meghan Romba Neuro-immunology, Johns Hopkins

Class of 2015

Anthony Julius Movement Disorder, UW
Brian Lundstrom EEG & Epilepsy, Mayo Clinic (Minnesota)
Ina Ly Neuro-Oncology, Harvard Partners
Adam Reynolds Neuromuscular, UW
Tarvinder Singh Cerebrovascular, UW
Katherine Turk Cognitive/Dementia Boston University