Department of Neurology

Salary & Benefits

Stipend Schedule

Chief Resident Supplement $225 per month

Leave and Accommodations

  • 4 weeks of vacation each academic year
  • 1 paid personal holiday each calendar year 
  • 17 sick days per academic year 
  • 10 days of professional leave days for interviews and conferences (upon program approval) per academic year
  • Fully subsidized (FREE) UPASS- public transportation
  • Free night and weekend parking
  • Subsidized UW childcare and back-up sick childcare options 

Fringe Benefits

  • Home Call and Transportation stipend $8500 per academic year
  • Professional development funds (Books, supplies, conference travel) $400 per year, rolled over to $1500 total 
  • Travel fund $3000* ($2000 for one conference, $1000 for second conference) 
  • Medical license renewal fee $391 per academic year 
  • AAN membership fee $165 per academic year 
  • Step 3 reimbursement
  • Meal reimbursements: you receive one meal for every 12-hour shift, plus an extra meal for a 24 on a weekday, and three total meals for a 24 on a weekend or holiday. $10 per meal. 

Health and Wellness

  • Safe Ride Home program
  • GME Wellness Counselors- free of charge
  • Several health insurance plans to choose from, Dental insurance is free. 

For more information, please visit the Prospective Residents GME Resources Page