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About Seattle

Known for its idyllic location among the splendid vistas of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is situated on Puget Sound, between the Olympic Mountains to the west and the Cascade Range to the east — and the towering 14,410-foot Mt. Rainier to the south. When “the mountain is out,” as the locals refer to clear magnificent views of Mt. Rainier, it is sure to be a spectacular day. And rain? Actually, Seattle has less rainfall per year than New York City, Houston, Boston, or Philadelphia. (But you’re sure to enjoy an espresso, rain or shine.)

In this culturally dynamic city, influences of Native Americans, and immigrants from Africa, Europe, the Pacific Rim and Central America can be felt throughout. A thriving International District adds multicultural intrigue, not to mention great ethnic restaurants and markets.

Young and old, families and singles, Seattle residents enjoy a myriad of activities year-round — from outdoor family concerts at Woodland Park Zoo or an afternoon watching the Seattle Mariners play, to an evening at the symphony followed by dinner at any of Seattle’s renowned restaurants.

While many opt for the solitude of our abundant and well-maintained parks and gardens, others prefer to hike through the grandeur of the Cascade Mountains or the Olympic Peninsula.

Safe neighborhoods and a thriving, livable downtown make family life easy. Residents savor the feel of these smaller, diverse neighborhoods connected by public transportation to the excitement and cultural opportunities of a large port city. With one of the most highly educated populations of any United States city, Seattle provides an array of opportunities, both in public and private schools in K-12, as well as institutes of higher learning.

There truly is no end to the offerings of the Pacific Northwest. Take a scenic car or train ride north to enter beautiful British Columbia, where you can enjoy some fantastic Indian food in Vancouver or take a relaxing stroll through the Butchart Gardens in Victoria. Or head south to visit buzzing Portland, Oregon or Mt. St. Helens. A short ferry ride leads to the natural beauty of the San Juan Islands, where your travel companions may include a pod of orcas, harbor seals or other native wildlife.

With natural beauty, cultural richness and a quality of life found nowhere else on earth, Seattle is an ideal place to spend a few years in residency…or the rest of your life.