Department of Neurology

Salary & Benefits

Stipend Schedule

Leave and Accommodations

Beginning July 2021: 

  • 4 weeks of vacation each academic year
  • 1 paid personal holiday each calendar year 
  • 17 sick days per academic year 
  • 10 days of professional leave days for interviews and conferences (upon program approval) per academic year
  • Fully subsidized (FREE) UPASS- public transportation
  • Free night and weekend parking
  • Subsidized UW childcare and back-up sick childcare options 

Fringe Benefits

  • Professional development funds (Books, supplies, conference travel) $350 per year, rolled over to $1500 total 
  • Travel fund $3000* ($2000 for one conference, $1000 for second conference) 
  • Medical license renewal fee $391 per academic year 
  • AAN membership fee $165 per academic year 
  • Step 3 reimbursement
  • Meal reimbursements: you receive one meal for every 12-hour shift, plus an extra meal for a 24 on a weekday, and three total meals for a 24 on a weekend or holiday. $10 per meal. 

Health and Wellness

The Neurology Social/Wellness Committee is devoted to highlighting wellness and promoting meaningful connection to help us better care for ourselves as we provide care for our patients and their families. We regularly spotlight key wellness topics through informational boards in the Neurology office, as well as presentations as part of our recurring division meetings. Protected debriefing sessions are also held monthly for our residents, with facilitated discussions and community building led by a neurology social worker. Prior to the emergence of COVID-19 (and soon again with increasing vaccination rates), the committee organizes social events such as karaoke nights, picnics, in-office contests with prizes, and lunchtime food events such as Pi(e)-Fest on 03/14.  

  • GME Wellness Counselors – free of charge
  • Several health insurance plans to choose from, Dental insurance is free. 
  • The U-PASS provides you with a variety of low-cost transportation options in the greater Puget Sound area—from buses, commuter train service and light rail, to vanpooling and discounted impromptu carpooling.
  • Safe, covered bike parking and free bike tune-ups twice per year (SCH)
  • and many more!